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Company started to operate under the name of CEVIKSAN PULVERIZATOR SAN. TIC. with the partnership between Ibrahim CEVIKARABACI - Haluk UCGUN in 1999. We determined the deficients and complaints by analyzing the market in pulverizator and started to engage in this area. What were these complaints and deficients? According to us the biggest deficiencies were quality and the lack of confidence of manufacturers one another. We determined our mission according to these deficiencies and adopted the words ‘quality and confidence’ as our principles and always kept revenue as a secondary target. We got in return of all our cares and works by having well known and favourite products under the name of Ceviksan in the market. So this has been our biggest revenue. As well as this success, we always struggle to be one of the leading companies with our new products as an open minded company. We have been always a leading company with various new designs and high technological machinery track. We will keep to be a leading company and with this regard we feel depted to thank you, valuable customers and farmers, who will support us and make Ceviksan a well known brand in this industry.

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