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Cinler Otomotiv Ltd. Sti. has started to work on automotive sector since 1974 in Burdur City. At first establishment period, Cinler Otomotiv Ltd. Sti. was doing service of axle and auto parts for commericial vehicles. Cinler Otom. Ltd. Sti. has moved sales and marketing office, which currently in use, to Izmir City on 1986. We are currently continuing to being an agent of the leader brake system manufacturer factories which are Arfesan A.S. (Istanbul), Ege Fren A.S. (Izmir), Frenlas Ltd.Sti. (Bursa). In same group, Ege Ventil Sanayi ( EVS ) established on 2000 which manufacture Trailer axles, brake shoes, brake system spare parts with own branded. Cinler has gain a lot as we are in service, manufacturing and marketing business since 1974. We are glad to announce that Cinler received its ISO 9001-2000 certifications in service field as well. As a result of marketing and sales activities for so long in the market, Cinler gain the best Local Market Knowledge, approved knowledge in Technical Product Information. With our very well connected marketing team that we are working for decades, we gain the best marketing knowledge in both local and country-wide. Our operations with numerous well known companies lead us to gain respect and reliability in Turkey.

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