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We are manufacturing the European quality faucets in accordance with the product standards of Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asian countries, with more than 29 years of hard work and love of the CISA Family and Employees. We are proud of doing home production and loving the work that we do. It is our greatest pride and joy to produce the better of the good and to gain confidence of our customers.   We manufacture, the designs and molds of faucets that we produce using the lates technology in our own factory. All of our faucets shaped by casting method are processed and leveled in automatic production line without touching. The Complementary accessories and parts are also made in our factory by processing from brass rods (raw material). All parts of the faucets to be used are produced in our factory in accordance with world standards. The manufactured faucets are mounted with great care and also all subjected to the demanding tests automatically in the special test laboratory. Our ready-to-pack products are perfectly packed in an environmentally friendly, recycled packaging, with great care. CISA, one of the leading companies in the sector in the home market, has made 50% of its total production to foreign markets at the end of 2012. With its management, customer oriented service approach and also product quality CISA is growing rapidly and its breakthroughs not only in Turkey, but also in foreign markets. In 2015, it added a new addition to its breakthroughs, increased its production facility and capacity in its own factory in Duzce (with 8000 M² indoor and 4000 M² outdoor use).

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