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Our company manufactures milk and dairy products. Among the dairy products there are stager, plaited cheese, string cheese, cecil cheese, sliced stager, hard stager, old stager, full fat white cheese, half fat white cheese, non-fat white cheese, full fat village cheese, full fat classic cow cheese, ezine cheese, ezine type sheep cheese, Hatay type village cheese, brynza, cow brynza, butter, whey cheese, strained yoghurt, cream cheese, cream etc. The production has been going on since 1947. On "Kanunname-i Ihtisab-i Bursa" of Beyazit the second which is the first standards list there is an article about the cheese of Esme territory. Cobanoglu cheese has got aromatic characteristics of the region and many specifications of taste. Our company has been growing steady in spite of dishonest trading activities. The cold rooms started to be built in 2010 is ready. The packaging department was renewed in 2012 and 1.5 million TL was invested. In 2013 the studies of increasing the capacity is going on. At the end of these studies there will be 10.000.000$ investment. In 2012 under the campaign of "a step for clean environment" 24 hectare afforestation project was carried out. In 2013 the treatment facility and white cheese facility projects has been going on. All the products are produced in its the best natural environment with its taste and quality. Our investments will continue to present healthy products to next generations. Our target is "always the best".

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