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As Contract Artificial Leather we manufacture and supply artificial leather, fabrics, knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, knitted woven fabrics, nonwoven fabrics, uphostery fabrics, clothing fabrics, shoes fabrics, slippery fabrics, bag fabrics, stationary fabrics, diary fabrics, uphostery artificial leathers, clothing artificial leathers, shoes artificial leathers, slippery artificial leathers, bag artificial leathers, stationary artificial leathers, diary artificial leathers, fabric, knitted fabric, woven fabric, knitted woven fabric, nonwoven fabric, uphostery fabric, clothing fabric, shoes fabric, slippery fabric, bag fabric, stationary fabric, diary fabric, uphostery artificial leather, clothing artificial leather, shoes artificial leather, slippery artificial leather, bag artificial leather, stationary artificial leather, diary artificial leather, indoor upholstery fabrics, outdoor upholstery fabrics, automotive fabrics, shoes fabrics, accessories fabrics, garment fabrics, telecommunication fabrics, indoor upholstery artificial leathers, outdoor upholstery artificial leathers, automotive artificial leathers, shoes artificial leathers, accessories artificial leathers, garment artificial leathers, telecommunication artificial leathers, indoor upholstery fabric, outdoor upholstery fabric, automotive fabric, shoes fabric, accessories fabric, garment fabric, telecommunication fabric, indoor upholstery artificial leather, outdoor upholstery artificial leather, automotive artificial leather, shoes artificial leather, accessories artificial leather, garment artificial leather, telecommunication artificial leather... Contract Suni Deri(Technical Artificial Leather) gives services in production to different sub-sectors as well as artificial leather and fabric product supply with its long experience and expertise. With the help of deep R&D studies, newly developed technical products like PU/PVC,%100 PU coated woven- knitted fabrics, nonwoven fabrics, we are able to serve to contract, upholstery, clothing, shoes, slippery, bags, stationary and diary sectors by using textile based advanced Technologies. Our company, based on long years of production experience and commercial relations, is able to serve various products efficiently to its customers appreaciation. This is bottomed on scientific and systematic approaches in the globalized modern World. With its innovative approach which creates differentiation in all industry, Contract Suni Deri was established in the last quarter of 2015. Our company made difference in domestic and export markets. Contract Suni Deri will continue its designs on products of Upholstery leather and Fabrics which have been combined with Flame Retardancy, Antimicrobial ,Water Proof, Easy Clean and Phthalate Free etc.. type technical properties. Contract Suni Deri, which aims to be leader in its industry both in Turkey and in the World, will strengthen itself with its Specialist Staff, Advanced Infrastructure and R&D studies…

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