DEMIRTAS TEKSTIL DERI ve GIDA SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. Company, which has ability to contest with the best companies around the world with its best Works and also took principle to be honest and respectful to customers, is continuing its way with making no conccessions in its investment principles and has became an arrogance symbol in Turkish Industry. It has been established in 1988, and has started to its production with trousers, jeans, shirt, coat and jacket and has growth fastly and consequencely. Our company has started its production with CLAUWERT brand at first, in 1994 has carried its job to abroad and built its brand RECOBBA JEANS, it also made all kind of investment to be a brand, Today it has 2500 m2 closed area and increasing its daily production, which is 3000 pieces per day and its committed incestment. In 1994, it has had a big success in Russian Market with RECOBBA JEANS brand. RECOBBA JEANS is continuing to grow in abroad market with above attempts, and accuracy, and has taken its place in new markets.

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