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We as Demsan Havalandirma; has given services in ventilation, air conditioning, heating industries since 1992. We make all of our productions in our structure. Galvanise, green siliceous metal sheet and quality bearing are used with regard to customer needs in our productions. Life test of all of our productions are made according to usage conditions in our special laboratories. We struggle to meet specific requests of our customers with our knowledge, ability and manufacturing power. By the way our production capacity increases day by day. Our technical hardware involves all kinds of coil and assembly productions. We give services with products such as channel type, axial, aluminium carcass axial fans, elevator cooling fans, burner fans, oven fans, luxuary round oven engine. Struggling to bring customer satisfaction on the highest levels with after sales services except production, our company continues to operate without compromising from its quality just as yesterdays. Our mission is to offer the most quality services to our valuable customers and provide you to make your investments in the most economic ways. Our main values are honesty, sincerity, fiexibility, customer focused policy, team spirit and constantly development.

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