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Established in 1996 in DENIZLI, DENIZLIPEK is the sister company of ODEL BULDAN, which is famous for its production of traditional textile products since the 1950s. Whereas the basic products in the center of Denizlipek's main activities are FLOSS YARN, VISCOSE YARN and VISCOSE FIBER, the company also supplies the global yarn producers of these yarns with the essential raw materials such as COTTON LINTER and SULPHUR. A branch was opened in 2005 in BURSA, a highly significant industrial city in Turkey. In 2010, another branch was established in MERSIN, which is an important port city and outstanding gateway for Turkey's foreign trade. Today, as DENIZLIPEK and ODEL BULDAN group companies, we work with more than twenty countries in the areas of textile production and foreign trade.

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