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Derya Arms was established in the year 1998 in the Turkish Province of Konya. Derya Arms is confirmed to be one of the best Turkish manufacturers of shotguns, by importers, wholesalers and end users from all around the world. Derya Arms manufactures Shotguns only according to TSE, SAAMI and CIP standards. Currently, we are exporting to every continent the world, supplying hunters, sport and competition shooters and security companies with the most reliable shotguns imaginable. The product range covers single barrel, pump-action, semi-automatic, over and under, and vertical magazine fed shotguns. Either sporting, hunting, defense purposes, law-enforcement or competition, we will devote ourselves to satisfy your demands. It’s one of our principles at Derya Arms to use high quality raw materials which matches world standard in arms production. Quality control is one of our most valued features during every process of production, which is a characteristic for Derya Arms. Every single member of our staff is dedicated to deliver the finest firearm imaginable. Putting heart, sweat and passion in every single gun, is what makes Derya a worldwide known brand. Derya Arms will provide full customer service and backup for all its brands; so you as an importer, seller or end user, will always be 100% satisfied. Customer satisfaction is the key to our success. Listening to the requirements, the feedback and the criticism of our partners gives us the fuel to drive the path to perfection. Derya Arms respects human life and environment, complies with domestic laws, is aware of ethical values, cares about fairness, and appreciates the sensitivity of a business related partnership. Permanent development with a team of dedicated experts, who have been serving this business for years, are supporting our vision to stay the most dedicated company in firearms sector. In hunting, sporting and tactical shotguns production, DERYA is the Trendsetter of Innovation; always craving to reach perfection.

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