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Dharma as a foreign trade company focused on the African market began its commercial activity in 2016. During this period of work, it formed professional experts in international trade. Products and market dynamics were investigated specifically for ECOWAS countries. Requirements in various industries were met as a result of these studies. Many export works are made by our company. However, in our country, we see a large accumulation of industry knowledge that can meet the demands not only inside of the country. We can respond to this huge accumulation of demand by assuming the role of a bridge in a professional sense. We can increase the foreign markets of our manufacturers and exporters. We can develop long-term sustainable foreign trade models and manage foreign trade processes as a whole. 1-We provide turnkey construction projects abroad. 2-We ensure the supply of building materials from turkey of construction projects. 3-We can implement construction works abroad with our own team. 4-In the process of sending the supplied goods abroad, we carry out customs and logistics processes. 5-We can supply the construction and machine materials of the factories in a turnkey manner. 6-We can provide financing of construction projects (in exchange for SBLC).

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