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Automation is whole which human errors are reduce by people meet on common ground with machines, full control and flexibility solution oriented sharings. Automation provides both speed, time and saving at companies and comfort and safety at humans. As a Digikit Family, our primary target is to deliver solution with projects which use energy resources at a minumum level and adopt environmental conservation consciousness fully by providing automations installations that reduce human power by less than machine power. Our Company noticed time which society speed unnecessarily within today and created solutions completely according to it in opposition to believing that technology isolates people and creates asocial society. As a result, the mistakes that occurred in the companies were at the minimum level so the customer satisfaction was higher. Likewise the time which people speed within today is protected with our automation solutions, the time spent annihilated for machines which we have to use in every phase of our lives. Sense of being safe in communities provides effinciency in daily life as bring with it tranquility. Solutions are to keep safety of life and property at the maximum level with safety systems which we present by creating according to user requests and hasn’t error margin. Our scenarios which we create by handle the whole in automation systems are completely customer focused and installation is maked without any necessity. Only do not think about today, you think about every day; you imagine and we make actual.

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