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PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE We started our production facility with an only single thread winding machine with mercerised cotton thread and developed our business on a continuous base by increasing our capacity year by year with a non-tiring way of work till the middle of 90s. After that we started 100% spun polyester sewing thread production with our Tuana brand by adopting ourselves to the changes in the market. In time, we have added polyester textured yarn, cotton thread and high tenacity continuous filament polyester thread to our ranges. We have gradually increased our wholesalers and our Tuana brand has succeeded to be a wanted brand in the sewing thread market. In 2009 we started the construction of the greatest sewing thread factory in Turkey (in Corlu county of Tekirdag city) and started production towards the end of year 2012. We have approximately 20.000 square meters of indoor area with laboratory, dyehouse, warehouse and winding departments. All our departments are equiped with advanced technology machines. We are aware that we must develop ourselves continuously and sustainably in order to keep on growing in the following years. For that reason, we care for the chemical limitations, produce the most qualified product in the best facility and perform the fastest delivery by operating on a stock based (ready-to-sell). We increase the accessability by expanding our distributor network and keep the most competitive pricing policy, which is important for all.

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