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Dinler Grup is a central roof of the specialist companies in the field of Automotive Bus Conversion Parts Auto Glass Extruded Rubber Seal Household Products and Climating Systems Agriculture Production in Turkey By this well established organisation you can get whole service for your inquires and find the most competitive and practical solutions for your target. This regular coordination and industrial friendship effect very positively in our Worldwide deliveries. As a result of this positive impression we bring a good service for our customers and it assist us to keep the natural mentality of our quality management understanding from manufacture up to final users of our products. The more than 30 years experience in the international market brings DINLER GRUP to the top of the leading companies in the global industrial area. We are honored by the Exporter Union as the “first 100 companies” in the sector. The exportation into 29 countries has a goal to reach to a delivery capacity to all countries. Our main target is to have more customers in 5 continents to service them also for their OEM products by our regular increasing manufacture and distributing potential.

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