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Doganay Gida has always made DOGANAY brand synonym of quality with the principles of service, honesty, quality respect and love in the sector. Therefore the product became a demanded product. Our activities started with various foodstuff by our father Hasan Doganay in 1960 and then our principled, honest, successful works continued with turnip juice in 1997. Started on 1300m2 closed area at Adana Haci Omer Sabanci Industry Zone with turnip juice Doganay brand became a well-known one in Turkey and in the world. Today we produce lemon sauce, lemonade (minted/sugarless), 100% grape vinegar, 100% apple vinegar, balsamic vinegar, 100% lemon juice, 100% pomegranate syrup, 50% pomegranate syrup sauce and 100% pomegranate syrup sauce along with turnip juice. In the last 15 years thanks to strong communication with customers, supplier and our staff, our efforts and workings made Doganay a requested brand. Our facility reached to 50.000m2 area with the latest technology and machineries without a break of our investments. Our production capacity reached to 350 million liter per year with cold storages, product warehouses, PET bottle manufacturing plants, steam units, pasteurisation units, compressor room, intelligent storage systems as well as farmlands in Konya-Eregli-Nigde-Ulukisla with "GOOD AGRICULTURE CERTIFICATE" of Ministry of Agriculture. Having 95% market share of turnip juice in Turkey we also have 35% market share in the world and export to over 30 countries. The importance we give to quality has been proved by FAO award, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, HACCP, TSE certificates and Good Agriculture Application inspection and certifications. We keep going with faith, determination and excitement by investing on these soils what we earn from them.

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