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Our firm founded in 1994 named Dogus Mould Metal and Form Industry Trade Limited Co. started its operating to serve mould and manufacturing industry.Our firm that acquired renow for the production of every kind of cut, plastering and progressive moulds, as from the year 1998 displayed facility in manufactoring and spare part production.

Our firm that developed its experiences in these areas as from the year 2002 by producing infrastructure materials such as aluminum Sigma profiles, connection elements and accessories related to conveyor and automation systems by producing many domestic parts which once had been imported has turned profit to our national labour force As it is seen on the developing period on world, there is a big competition on both quality and speed by using the most advanced technology and the newest materials through production and manufacturing.

We are happy to contribute to our country that competes in this competition with manufacturing the materials used in the area of serial production and automation technology

Our goal is to condense our works in these areas with our infrastructure and our extending staff to produce the equipments and productions that qou sector needs. With our portfolio developing day by day and industrial equipments, we cooperate with our country’s elite firms that display activity in technical area.

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