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As Dominant Textile we have been providing our services under the brand names DOMI and DOMITEX since the year 2003. We have a 25 years of experience in the fabric-textiles market. Our manufacturing operations consist of 3 parts; on one hand we manufacture fabrics which are used in the production of coat, overcoat, sport jacket, overall, raincoat, trousers, shorts, sweatsuits etc. Second part of operations deal with technical textiles and third part focuses on special fabrics required by the military personnel. As a result of our focus on innovation and technology, which provides us with a leading position in the market, we have established a strong Research and Development department and take pride in our technical ability which has enabled us to specialize in producing technically sophisticated fabrics. Our fabrics are on demand because of their superior characteristics such as breathability, wind proofing, air proofing, heat insulation, water proofing, water repelling, fire retardant, delayed contamination, oil-repelling, bacteria prevention, UV rays prevention, high endurance, sweat prevention, stress relief etc. Furthermore, with our shielding fabrics range we aim to offer protective fabrics to protect human body against harmful effects of eloctromagnetic radiation waves of wide spread eloctronic equipments used in daily life(mobile phones; base stations etc.). In addition to fabric characteristics mentioned above our military fabrics are designed with increased resistance for protection against hard and sharp object impact, friction, harsh land conditions, thorn-forest frictions, rock-ground friction etc. Our fabrics are used in a wide range of areas which are ready-wear clothing, sports wear, outdoor clothing, uniforms, workwear, outwear accessories, protective accessories, push chairs, infant apparel and accessories, bags, hats, special umbrellas, all kinds of military apparel, radiation protective apparels etc. Our technical textile fabrics are marketed to various public sectors- domestic and overseas- such as police force, army, fire brigade, help&rescue teams, hospitals etc. Outdoor activity clothing companies and sportswear companies are also within our primary target markets. Along with providing the fabric itself, we are also able to undertake the production of ready-to-wear clothing in accordance with customer specifications for any of our customers who wishes so.

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