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DORA Cement & Products Int Trade Company started its activities in 2012, as of today has reached to the position of carrying out export/import and international transit trade operations towards more than 50 countries stretching from Europe to Africa, from Balkans to Asia, from Middle East to America. DORA Cement & Product Int Trd Co being a company well known regionally in cement, clinker, cementitious materials, steel products, petrochemicals and other construction materials as well as food products business, develops her activities by establishing her sister companies in Panama and in Canada in order to be able to meet the demands of her clients on site. META and DORA have currently different products range including ; • Cement (All Grey and White Cement types, Oil Well Cement), • Clinker (Grey and White) and Cementitious Materials (Gypsum, Limestone, Slags, Fly Ash and others), • Rebar and Steel products (i.e. Wire rods, Profiles, Sheets), • Petrochemicals (Bitumen and others), • Other Construction Materials (i.e Tiles , Aluminum Products……) • Low voltage Cables, • Wood products, • Lubricant (Engine oils and Industrial oils) , • Agricultural products (i.e. Fertilizer); • Chemicals (All kinds) • Water Pipes, Fittings (DI, STEEL,GRP, PE) and Valves • As well as the Food products (Vegetable oils, Flour, Sugar, Table salt, Pasta and others), Frozen Food products (i.e Frozen Hens) and others..

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