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Established to implement creative and innovative ideas; Dorser Otomotiv was founded in Istanbul in 2003 to offer design and engineering services. In the ever-improving automotive industry; Dorser Otomotiv specializes in special vehicle applications. In 2004; our company expanded its team of experts, established manufacturing and assembly premises and became a significant entity in superstructure manufacturing. Dorser Otomotiv aims to improve the sales and after-sales services quality by increasing customer satisfaction at all times. With this objective in mind, our company has received ISO 9001 quality certificate with the approval of TUV and has placed quality in its products on the forefront thus became a partner of major automotive companies in a relatively short time. Growing with its highest quality and innovative products; Dorser Otomotiv offers various customized superstructure productions to customers from a wide range of industries. Since 2007 Dorser Otomotiv has expanded its operations in a variety of fields which are gathered together under the umbrella of Dorser Group and continue growing alongside the following brands in different industries.

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