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DSfrigo has joined the sector in 1998. Brand has started business in Istanbul area in terms of selling/marketing mounting and repairing the commercial vehicle and cooling systems and has signed many major projects in that area. DSfrigo who is assuming the significant mission in developing Turkey. Brand has increased the product variety by doing heating/cooling, air conditioning and ventilation installation commitment. In 2010, brand has started producing the air conditioning, Jetcool branded cooling which currently have the serious percentage in market. Jetcool has made frequently mentioning name in Turkey fair with superior/developed producing technology and being completely local capital. Brand has aspired to present the high quality and technology to customers with large product range and has made agency agreements with the world's most developed & which is major brands in its sector. Brand has assumed South Korean Hwa Sung Thermo’s Turkey Distributorship in early 2015. DSfrigo has become one of the preferred brand by putting DSfrigobox, Dsfrigopanel brands on market in industrial cooling systems by the beginning of 2017. Brand’s primary target is to compound nearly 20 year’s experience with technology and aesthetics. Brand has provided service to customers for upping the service pleasure during and after selling beside Turkey’s general spreaded vendor services. Engineering department which is included in our company who has kept continuing to produce the cooling and air conditioning equipments in large product range from different sectors to customers, has been following the farther technology in local and international for customers and has been carrying out product developing works as part of this understanding. DSfrigo departs with the principle which is ‘selling high quality products to affordable prices’ is currently been continuing the activities on 5000 m2 area where have been in Anatolian/Asia and European side of Istanbul, has been providing service to dear customers in friendly attitude.

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