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Dulgeroglu Collective Company was founded in early 1965 with the title of A. Nihat Dulgeroglu and Associates. It has taken the first step to Turkish textile sector as wool yarn factory. It started the production with a small comb maker, shaper (spinning) machine and 10-15 staff. Market research and product range on the increasing demand from the region, as well as wool yarn, felt rugs and blankets started to produce. With these developments in Turkey, after the 1980 Dulgeroglu has become a brand in demand. One of the most difficult issues to overcome the problem of SMEs in the capital today to survive and products with modern technology has provided an unconditional satisfaction. In 2008, changing the name and status of the "Dulgeroglu SAN.VE YARN AND FABRICS INC." took the name and initial capital increased to 11 million TL from 6 million TL. Usak Organized Industrial Zone on an area of 27 818 m2 outdoor area and 17.000 m2 indoor area, on (Raw Material Preparation), painting, integrated open-end yarn production. Still open-end spinning plants, various counts and all the colors (from Ne 3/1 to Ne 20/1 ), acrylic, polyester, and cotton blend yarn company that produces regenerated, without compromising on quality products, customer satisfaction is committed to the idea of considering the present . The company exports 20% of total sales has been achieved. Export activities Dulgeroglu Inc. by a professional team established within the various strategies are evaluated and as a result of this evaluation are formed by drawing a road map. The selection of business partners abroad, on the basis of agreements with the vision of the company, the firm is therefore reduces to a minimum the possibility of consumer complaints that may occur. Dulgeroglu Inc. another important feature is the need to focus on the particular so far, the country has suffered periods of economic crisis, including the always maintained a solid financial structure and a seasonal capacity reductions or labor to remove or shrink due to the financial crisis has not had to resort to such methods. Fully developed by an expert group control technology products to its customers, the company continued to produce low-cost and affordable prices has made it. These developments show that the Dulgeroglu Inc. always been to provide the best and highest quality for the target. Dulgeroglu Inc. in line with the increasing demands of customers every year, taking into account comments and suggestions has managed to develop itself.

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