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EBR METAL produces machines for the highest quality and fastest machining of metals. Continuously develops production technology. Since EBR Metal has been producing for many years, we have great experience and technical knowledge in metal processing field. WHO WE ARE? EBR METAL is a company that produces metal processing machines with years of experience. Our company started production in 2002 with sheet metal working machines and our production portfolio has expanded at a short notice and our products have started to be sold domestically and abroad. Product quality is the most important thing for our production. In addition to; R&D, standardization, understanding customers, visual quality are important for us. We perfectly understand requirements of the customer from our products and provide them to get more performance from the machine. This policy shows we serve customers satisfaction. WHAT WE PRODUCE? Our Products: Sheet metal folding machines Sheet metal cutting machines Sheet metal bending machines Steelworkers and punching machines Section and pipe bending machines Forming machines Hydraulic presses Pneumatic forging hammers Circular saw WHICH COUNTRIES WE PRODUCE FOR? Our products are sold to 25 countries in 5 continentals for now and our numbers are growing every year. In Europe: Germany, England, Austria, Denmark, France, Spain, Greece, Romania, Russia and Ukraine In Middle East: Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran In North America: United States. In Africa: Egypt. Libya, Algeria, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Africa

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