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It is a special fruit identified with figs, announcing the name of Aydin and reaching the highest quality especially in our country. The fig is also a valuable fruit mentioned in our sacred book (TIN SURESI 95. AYET). The fact that the figs we have grown in this month are of such high quality and the interest in the fruit of the Kur-an-Kerim, which Allah sent us, created us with the idea that it could be a very different secret in the fig. In our research studies, we managed to separate the pear from the pearl core and then squeezed the fig kernel oil with the cold press method. We felt the smell of fish oil during the oil squeezing. We thought that oil could possibly be Omega oils, we measured the values ​​of the fat in Ege University and the result was great. Fig. 40% Omega 3, 30% Omega 6, and 17% Omega 9 had oil in the fig kernel oil. he was hidden in the pure fig fig core. Then the measurements of the other values ​​were made and a beautiful result came from here. In addition to the omega acids, fig kernel oil contained 404 mg of vitamin E in total. These results have been proven with our Ege University reports. Nowadays, the results are compared with the fig seeds in terms of both Omega and Vitamin E with some important oils.

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