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EKICI ARAC USTU EKIPMAN SAN. TIC. A.S. was established in 1994. The company has been manufacturing about 20 different on vehicle equipments with quality certificate by the slogan of a new breath. The company started with fire truck manufacturing and expanded its product range year by year. For now in the product range there are hydraulic ladder fire trucks, portable ladder fire trucks, multipurpose fire trucks, confined space fire trucks, combined high pressure channel cleaning trucks, vacuum trucks, sewage trucks, hydraulic press garbage trucks, corpse washing and morgue vehicles, body transportation vehicles, emergency response vehicles, watering sprinklers, fuel tankers, mobile platforms, sanding vehicles, cold air meat transport vehicles, dumpers, dampers, trailers. Our project and R&D department provides advantages and easiness in our manufacturing. The design studies on different types of vehicles make us response quickly. We started to export many countries after the first production; Egypt, Bosnia, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Dubai, Qatar, Iran, Bulgaria, Algeria, Albania, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan. Our company is at Konsan Industry Zone on closed 2000 m2. All the products have quality certificates and we continue to manufacture with zero tolerance for the quality.

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