The one who established the company in 1997 was Mevlut Ekim having a quarter century experience. Since its establishment continuing with the principle “without sacrificing quality and actual innovation” the company succeeded to break new ground in the area where it was established and ranked standardization and branding first to be a national company rather than regionalism. The managers Harun EKIM and Kazim EKIM prioritizing “corporate identity” in the first place enabled the experienced situations and the tough times of the company to tip the scales in the company’s favour. In our 45 million pcs egg production capacity the benefits of staff and technology is integrated for “quality products and after product quality”. In two separate poultry farm situated in different places in Konya we continue to provide eggs with 140.000 layer hens in 6 hencoops which is “the most quality chicken race”. All the hencoops have got conformity certificates and proper for health and hygiene in accordance with the laws. In our feed units where the needs of our chicken poultries are supplied with 10 ton/hour capacity we work with the leading companies, use the best quality products for top yields, get consultancy and service from experts for human health, prefer delicate firms for standardization. The biggest infrastructure study on “Branding and Differentiation” is our brand “Tatyum”. After a long marathon of its registration the brand has scored with people by having a marketshare in a very short time and its naturalness. It still continues to get attention of our customers in markets. The sales, supervision and aftersale guarantee is coordinated with together. The first step of national market studies is the branch in Bursa. The eggs produced in our integrated facilities are presented to the customers in Bursa after Konya. We also have been making preparations for international certification and to decrease external dependence by market searches and providing the raw materials within our constitution for capacity increase and the easiness of actual pursuance. We are honored to be back our products and brand up and continue to serve for our country with deserved institutional respect and forward projects.

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