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EKIZ GIDA, started commercial life in Bursa in 1989 and added all equipment needs of dairy starting with milk powder product range. In this process the company strengthened its structure, together with printed bowl of yogurt with plastic single-use product and packing material. In the course of time the company comprised all Marmara and Trace, expanding into the environment from Bursa and took Turkey’s and World’s leading brands’s professional distribution. Some of them is followings: Eksper Gida (Ulker) Pastry Industrial and Catering (EDT) Products Huhtamaki Packing Farmamak Packing (Ulker) Folyoterm Plastic Teknika Plastic Naksan Akova Milk Hekimoglu Flour Gul-Tur Bayer Chemistry Zeelandia Doruk EKIZ, started manufacturing of stretch film – aluminum foil – pallet stretch with knowledge and specialization in packing material topic. and expanded production range with garbage bag, refrigerator bag, package picnic products, cleaning paper, microfiber cleaning cloth, hygienic cleaning product and detergents and (disposable) single-use plastic product (knife, fork, spoon, glass, etc.) EKIZ, today, delivers 2200 quality products to 2600 (esteemed) dear customers in place in time and on the desired amount. Itself develops with warehouse in Bursa 3500 m2 in Eskisehir 500 m2 and in Istanbul 800 m2 for providing the best service to customer. It has customer’s service with 63 staffs, 32 vehicle, 4800m2 facilty and common knowledge with each day renewed dynamism. EKIZ permanent solution partner and customers who seems as developing together the values among are the followings with main title: Milk businesses, pie, patty, baklava and oven businesses, catering, fast food, and out of home points of consumption like delicatessen, industrial field like factory, school, dormitory, hotel, official institutes and organizations, food and packing wholesalers Among the products which EKIZ sees better added value to provide equipment to customers are following with main title: Milk powder and food additive material (cheese juice powder, yeast and cultures, pectine etc. ) Stretch film – aluminum foil – pallet stretch Packing materials (yogurt bowls and buckets, square bowls, sup etc. Dessert bowls, butter and cheese utensils, glass – spoon – fork – plate etc. Plastic disposable products, aluminum bowls, custom production and special food utensils, cardboard glass – cardboard plate etc. Cardboard disposable products.) Dairy consumables (press cloth, interim nylon, drawing tape, trough canvas) Chemical matters (calcium chloride, nitric acid, caustic, potassium sorbet, sodium bicarbonate, hydrogen peroxide, sodium benzoate) Measuring devices for milk businesses (intenseness degree, milk degree, refract meter, salt degree, ph meter, antibiotic test device) Cleaning material (cleaning paper, garbage bags, paper tablecloths) Hygiene products (examination – patisserie glove, galoshes - mask – bone, industrial cleaning detergents and chemicals.) General consumables (pie and baklava boxes , packing papers , nylon sacks and pochette , pipette – toothpick – wet wipes – fork – napkin – salt – pepper etc. Contain disposable sets) Custom pastry and catering oils (Bizim pastry, Bizim pastry, bamboo skewer, Bizim sunflower, Bizim baklava, margarine, homogeneous oils – bes 30 – 35 ) Production and support products (baklava sherbet, niskos starch, glucose, flour, sugar, cream, tea, cafe crown, coffee, cocoa, sauce, marmalade, marron glace, industrial dried, coverage – ganaj – pralin – jelly etc. Pie additive matters, baking powders, cream patisserie, soy products, pie milks, drop – part chocolate, prepared soups, bullion, sauces, mortar, puree, garnish, ketchup, mayonnaise, breakfast products) Pastry additives and consumables (pie models, candy-waffles rose, pie-jelly capsules, cream bag, pie ruffles, candle, essences-food colouring, silvering powder, cocktail toothpick etc.)

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