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ELG company is committed to quality and customer satisfaction. ELG Durable Goods Software Food Tourism Construction Import Export Marketing in Co. Ltd. Sti. After 19 years of experience in the title was established in 2009 and continues to pursue all the activities successfully.

Our company expanded its product range with each passing day, industry is moving with a firm steps. ELG, has been producing water dispenses by its own signature day by day since 2010, increased the kinds of product range on its catalog for advencing the company.

ELG company has been developing in marketing, delivering, producing, and service network. It supports consumers previously and after sale by 350 talented dealers and services which are located in the european side of Istanbul.

Our company as well as the architecture, construction services, decoration services and software, graphic design, network systems, web design, also provides services in the IT field. Our company policy is to provide quality services to the appropirate age and our export staff of experienced project and sell the products of his meticulously prepared, aiming at the delivery time to customers, the similing faces, a problem is to provide the opportunity to work and productive work environment.

ELG company continues increasing growth in the domestic market, not satisfied with the internal market as an indirect export to abroad began. Among the countries that export to Iran, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and the construction is done in Cyprus. Our difference is to provide you with quality, timely and the most affordable price.

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