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We live within technology, stress and chemicals today. All these cause to drop body immunity. The most precious thing for human is body and soul health. In today's world medicine are used when people are sick for treatment. Patients try to heal with prescriptions of doctors. In fact it is not the healing after being sick but before. There are hundreds of curing herbals and spices in the nature. We got by on to present mesir paste which is a 500 year prescription of Merkez Efendi from the history of Manisa with a new perception as Dr. Mesir. Mesir Paste is a very important health secret made by spice and herbal mixtures. The product we present under Dr. Mesir brand is a high quality product produced with hand conscientiously. We commited ourselves to present mesir paste which is a health secret and a cure-all to the world with "Healthy Life" motto. We sell original mesir paste under Dr. Mesir brand to local and foreign markets. We have our own sale network and also took important steps for export.

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