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Performs wood working production with more than 30 years of experience. Company that produces machinery for door frame profile, manufactures simple and non-problematic machinery with its use offering practically situated perforation and qualified cutting that does not let angle error in cutting. Emintosun Machinery As it is known, DOORMASTER brand, a machine that performs connection holes operations in the quickest and sensitive way to provide connection with screw system designed originally and 450 & 900 cuts of door frame profile corners, has also been produced since 2005. This system has left classical overlapping system in history and 8 times quicker that the previous system. More than 200 big, famous companies both at home and abroad has been using DOORMASTER which has opened a new era in door sector. This is a great proud for us. EMINTOSUN MACHINERY thinks not only big businesses but also small businesses and has offered a new model of DOORMASTER to market in order to provide a comfortable use for all companies. DOORMASTER SFR 400 SINGLE performs perforation operation for 45º of corner assembly applications again in wood door frames. It also offers pneumatic dynamic cutting and perforation groups, manual 45°-90° adjusting systems, work material stabilizing with pneumatic cylinders, dimension measuring systems up to standard 2.25 meters with measure adjusting option. This model which is more economical compared to DOORMASTER SFR 400 double will offer an ideal use for small and medium businesses. Company whose area is to produce machineries performing operations in door frames, also performs hinge and lock opening operations with TOSCOPIA. TOSCOPIA is a machinery designed for opening the hinge place and lock striker of wood door wing and frames. It opens the wing or frame profiles' hinge places in 15 seconds with only one operation. This also provides worker and time save. It has also lock striker, lock mirror and bolt place opening qualities in door profile. EMINTOSUN MACHINERY, proud of abovementioned product groups gives before and after sale service, by not mistreating them and fulfilling foreign and domestic customers' needs. It plans its production and export capacity as customer focused This institutions having the ability to make exportation in all countries of the world continues research & development studies everyday to take the success it has achieved with product groups to higher phases.

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