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- - As company founded by GULSUNA family in 1988. It started with small workshop which produces food and agricultural machinery in Mersin /TURKEY. Following the usage of technological developments and alternations on diversion of production , so rebar and wire processing machines went into production in 1994. - Modern technological applications ,innovations and R&D… Requirements and demands of clients are indispensable part of R&D department which renovated by the day. - An experienced personnel utilise an advanced designed solid modeling proggrammes and special softwares based on desing verification .All type of automation and software can be achived in accordiance with customer demands . - All the machine parts are produced at CNC process stations with its standarts and high quality as well as environmentalist mentality.The machines are controlled on 2 steps which are mechanical & electronic and practice tests and produce ISO 9001: 2008 on quality manaegement system . - A Friend of Customer … Our customers having a best technical support as well quick service with buying a EMPO machines at the same time . Service after sales team , provides an installation and spare parts enquiries to all around the world . - EMPO LTD. is proud of sharing its know-how and experience in rebar &wire processing machineries industry with its customers for nearly 20 years . With experienced sales department , after sale service and expert installation team ; EMPO proved its reliability by countless projects in rebar&wire processing machineries market all around the world . - Complete rebar & wire processing machineries supplied and are working in the countries from Asia ,Middle East , Africa and Europe such as ; - England , Holland , Belgium , Hungary, Albania , Ukraine , Azebaijan , Uzbekistan , Iran ,Iraq , Benin Republic ,Morocco ,Algerie , jordan,Ireland ,Tanzania, Lebanon and many more …

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