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Emtas Heating Systems is leading brand with having fast developing and changing dynamisim, operating design, production, sales and service, offering aestetic, healthy, economic and comfortable products. Our Climate System brand Emtas Radiator, established in 1988, is producing steel panel radiators and boilers in 27.000 m2 production factory, the products have ISO 9001 Quality Management and EN 442 European Standards. Emtas has the customer satifaction with institutionalized structure of the company, providing the competition advantage with leading Technologies.Our company contributes the Turkish industry, invests new Technologies, provides customers best quality products, and raised the quality in the market to the top. Our company has the patents, industrial designs and useful product certificates for each developed products. Emtas products are suitable for different places with large type and size range. Can be used for years and you can feel the quality. Every radiator in the production line is tested for leakproofing control by fully automatic, touchmatic testing plant. You can use our products safety for years in multi floored building, in high operating pressures. Our products are painted in DIN 55900 world standards with electrostatic powder paint and water-based primer. All our product range has designed in EN 442 standarts, certificated after testing with the requirement of these standards. With high heating power and efficiency Emtas products provide economy on fuel and provides the comfort to the customers. Emtas products have special packaging that avoids any damage or problem during the installation and transporting. They are suitable for every installment and very easy to install. Emtas Heating System’s main strategy is to solve any issues in fastest way that are requested from our customers. According to the country’s changeable weather conditions and building developments requested panel type and size changing, easily solved and done by our fast technical support team and flexible product line advantages. Emtas Radiators are also producing solid(coal, wood, pellet and prina),liquid and gas fuelled boilers and central system boilers with auto-loading and manual loading systems, water heaters and central system water heaters. And also selling towel warmers. Emtas Boilers are known with their durability, up to 99 % maximum operating efficiency and long time usage term. With a wide product range our boilers can be used in private houses and big capacity industrial central systems. The applications are seen in private houses, apartments, public schools, universities and government buildings. All Emtas products have CE, ISO, EN442, TSE, UKR SEPRO and GOST certificates.

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