Our company, Erbak-Uludag Icecek A.S., was established by Mehmet Hakki (Erbak) in 1930, while the formula for the Legendary Uludag Gazoz was created by Mehmet Hakki's son, Nuri Zafer Erbak. Our company is managed by Nuri Erbak's children and grandchildren, the third and fourth generations. We produce all of our beverages, including the Legendary Uludag Gazoz and Uludag Limonata, at our 80,500 m² beverage factory (30,000 m² of closed area) in Bursa's Yenice village. Our Uludag Natural Mineral Water, which has been bottled in Caybasi Village in Uludag since 1912, and our variety of Uludag Frutti made with natural mineral water are manufactured in our 50,000 m2 facility, which has 10,000 m² of closed area. At our facilities, which are upgraded each year with the latest technology, we have the capacity to fill 210,000 glass bottles, 110,000 PET bottles and 36,000 metal cans with our beverages on eight filling lines. At Uludag Beverage, one of our missions is to maintain quality and innovation. Our R&D Department works continuously on developing new products and also strives to improve our existing products. Before putting a new product on the market, we first do hundreds of taste-tests to find the ideal flavor for the target audience. We then come up with the most practical and innovative packaging for our consumers. Our success with Uludag Beverage paved the way for our entire industry, and continues to pave the way today.

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