esmer torna

year 11 YEAR

Esmer Torna operating in the sector since 1995, particularly in large-scale CNC productions

of the leading company of Turkey and the region. In particular, The Company is proud of the quality of its productions and services. The Company sharing in this proper pride with its employees, so The Company has been lauching successful projects by its corporate structure that invests in human.


The Company has many significant machines and equipments such as CNC Lathes , CNC Machining Center and Universal Lathe Bench(11000 mm).


machinery, metal, cnc, fittings, flange, lathe, Nut, Spindle, Bushing, Washers, Wedge, Flange, Bearing, Special Bolts, Surface Treatment, Cylindrical Machining, Drilling, Flange Manufacturing, Cylindrical Grinding Parts, Wedge Drilling, Special Zodiac Manufacturing, Oil Drilling of the channel, Bed Manufacturing, Piston Maintenance, piston Repair, Machinery Maintenance, machinery Repair, Threading, Special Bolts, special nut manufacturing, Filter Cover Productions, All Kinds of Casting Surface Treatment, Steel Construction, rolling mill equipment, manufacturing of various extent, and the pulley, gear sprockets, Cross, forming rolls, vegetable oil presses blades, shaft length of up to 11 meter manufacturing, air lock manufacturing, rotary valve, lower bearing equipment, middle bearing equipment, upper bearing equipment, tensioning systems, anchor bolts, anchor nuts,

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