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As Evar Cosmetic we manufacture and supply diapers, dishwashing detergents, detergents, cleaning products, personal care products, soaps, liquid soaps, dish sponges, hand scourers, powder detergents, wet wipes, sanitary papers, cotton buds, shampoos, solid soaps, wood cleaners, surface cleaners, glass cleaners, bleaches, anti-limescales, scouring powders, cream cleaners with mineral, kitchen cleaners, bathroom cleaners, swabs, oil removers, softeners, diaper, dishwashing detergent, detergent, cleaning product, personal care product, soap, liquid soap, dish sponge, hand scourer, powder detergent, wet wipe, sanitary paper, cotton bud, shampoo, solid soap, wood cleaner, surface cleaner, glass cleaner, bleach, anti-limescale, scouring powder, cream cleaner with mineral, kitchen cleaner... Evar Cosmetic Ins. Established in 2009, is one of the fastest growing export company in Istanbul-Turkey. EVAR’s innovative spirit and the understanding of professional work gained momentum with each passing day, it aims to achieve the goals of big steps. Evar Cosmetics; who valve themsekves and their loved ones, clean and good to look at evety moment of his life, be happy to meet anyone who wants to enjoy a unique address the need for cleanliness and bygiene. Our company; especially in the Balkans and Middle Asia which has made a name of a reliable cleaning products exported under the brand name of group sales of grocery shelves the first place remains for a long time. Our company exports its goods to more than 10 of the country. Our company is also increasing with every passing year the number of product varieties and a numberof products provides customers more. Participation in international fairs each year chosen by performing on a regular basit the recognition int thhe wirld market our products and strive to take place. Our company is including mainly solid and liquid soaps, diswashing liquid, detergent powder has a wide range.

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