Ezgi Socks is located in Istanbul,Turkey . We have mainly been exporting and working at full capacity with exclusive stores and customer groups in various European countries. Our production capacity is more than 1 million pairs of socks per month . In addition to these, the company is able to provide the highest quality service to its customers with the production, packaging and quality control system The company continues its exportation by closely following the current world fashion with its expert design and technical team considering knowledge as important and following the local and overseas fairs. We prepare samples for our customers demanding special production or collection. Ezgi Socks is a company which is able to respond to any kind of socks requests. The company strives to be the best in terms of quality , pricing and customer satisfaction. Our range of products are men’ , ladies’ and childrens’ , plain , design, functional and technique socks. The Socks are produced by Computerised single, double cylinder and Komet knitting machines. About ironing , the socks are ironed with using Heliot steam ironing machines . At the same time , we use electrical ironing . We have normal washing and Lavatec steam washing machines . We can have the goods purista, antibacterial, scent, silicon washed. The company sock production is comprised of standart and special items : A ) Standard items : cotton ,cotton – acrylic ,wool acrylic , wool , cotton – wool , cotton – modal materials used socks for men,women and children. We also use common cotton for European N.O.S products . B ) Special items : The socks are produced with the latest and most fashionable yarns. These items mainly have functional features like biking, running, walking, trekcking, skiing socks. These items are produced of fibres such as Coolmax, X -Static, Thermolite, Lempour, ,Supplex, Seacell, Schurwool, Modal, Coreyarn, Isolfill, Isolwool, Polyprophylene etc.

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