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Farmasi is the brand name of Tanalize Cosmetics which is a venture of TAN Health Company established in 1946 to produce medicines and import chemical raw materials and Alize Cosmetics established in 1985 to enter the fragrances and skincare market. With more than 25 years of experience in personal care and cosmetics industry and with one of the most modern production facilities in Europe, Tanalize Cosmetics is the leading manufacturing company, a market leader in Turkey at cosmetics and toiletries export market, offering products to aproximately 350 million people in the world by exporting to 118 countries. 4 factories in Omerli/Istanbul which are all equipped by modern and new technologies enable the production, filling, labelling and packaging of 2000 types of products adressing all age groups in catagories of Baby Products, Personal Care, Wet Wipes, Perfumes and Make-up products. Farmasi branded products are reaching to customers in all around the world by classical distributor set-up operation with retail sales in most of the countries and through MLM (multilevel marketing) strategy in some of the countries including Turkey.

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