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Simplicity, functionality. versatility and intelligence in design .. These are core values describing the motive behind the FUTON Furniture philosophy. In a world where living spaces are shrinking, we are expanding your living spaces wtth the solutions produce FUTON sofa-sleepers are designed for your living room, guest room, vacation house or even offices and hotels with the purpose of providing you space to live and space to dream. FUTON Furniture was established in 2006 m central Anatolian city ol Kayseri, which has been the heart ot both manufacturing and trade for centuries. Following the expansion of business to abroad, headquarter and production facility of the company is moved to western coastal metropol of Izmir, which hosts one ot the largest ports in Turkey With its unique aproach to furniture design and production. Futon Furniture currently operates in Izmir Pancar Organized Industrial Zone in Torbali district of Izmir Today, with its experienced management and production staff FUTON's foundation philosophy is still intact and is passion for providing even more efficient solutions to space-saving furniture will continue to create larger rooms in smaller spaces.

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