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Genk is providing professional consultation and business assistance in commercial vehicle and railway sector. ➢ We have become an experienced local sourcing solution with the necessary infrastructure, experience and expertise to reach deep into automotive manufacturing base in Turkey. ➢ We are focus on local sourcing support (especially railway, truck, bus body, trailer and trailer suspension components), strategic purchasing , outsourcing, logistic support as well as marketing and coaching for business to business contacts between local and international manufacturers. ➢ Our core strategy is to provide clients with lowest cost by reliable and sustainable quality of service and real time information accesss and response. SERVICES ➢ Purchasing support and sourcing for industrial parts and components providing wide range of industrial services such as market research, supplier selection, vendor evaluation final inspection logistic supervision etc.. ➢ Management consulting for strategic planning, industrial management and on sales and marketing functions to improve internal efficiency. ➢ Coaching for local suppliers and manufacturers to be in collaboration with international projects and market entry. ➢ Business development initiatives mainly with local and international companies in automotive and railway sector

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