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GMS Cable Industry Trade Limited Company (GMS) was established on01.01.1981. Since then, the cable industry without compromising on quality andhonesty are still the same address, Sadri DEMIRCIOGLU 's head office is continuing to work. With years of knowledge and experience about the quality of cable with each passing day increases the GMS CABLE, the work of international and domesticelectric appliances, automotive, construction, shipping and communications sectorcontinues. Mold on the outside of the cable wire to follow innovation in our company,such as plastic products are made in different productions. GMS Cable has been producing since 1987 as a TSE, then the development of ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System (QMS) standard maintained within the scope of its quality, production and management, and product documentation to provide the best service to its customers always knew how to work .

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