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Gorele Ic ve Dis Ticaret Limited Sirketi was established in 2012 and has carried out export operations with the title of Sectoral Foreign Trade. The company got the title of "International Trading Company" in 2012. Gorele Ltd.Sti . is a foreign trade company to contribute to the advancement of our region and our country in the foreign trade that has been developing in recent years with the globalization, to have influence in this region on the positive side in this area, to share knowledge experience and know-how with companies that do not know what to do and want to do foreign trade in the region. Gorele Ltd.Sti .; to be open to both import and export activities and mainly to do export and increase exports. In this regard, we work to gather the needs of our existing customers in various markets around the world, to have them produce primarily in the region or to find the current manufacturer, if it is not possible in the region, it will work in the country, but if the result is not positive, working around the world and try to supply the best quality with best prices at the shortest time. It also acts as an intermediary between exporting partners - customers and importing companies abroad. Gorele Ltd.Sti .; at present there are more than 100 customers with a paid capital of TL 500.000.

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