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Grup HS Machine Mould Industry and Trade ,has founded in 1987, and is one of the most long established company in manufacturing of plastic injection mould, metal sheet forming mould, plastic parts, metalparts and contracted manufacturing in Izmir/Turkey. We do not only manufacture of plastic injection mould and metal sheet forming mould but also subcontracted manufacturing work with eccentric press, surface grinding, hydraulic press, TIG, MIG, arc and resistance weldings, plastic injection moulding and laser marking machine to the sector. We can produce all plastic and metal parts of your products or just a part of your demand and if needed the welding and surface grinding processes will be done. Also barcodes, serial numbers and logos can be made with laser marking and components will be sended to the client all parts processed carefully. This convenience is prepeared for clients which have products made in different companies. Different companies means different problems and mistakes in the manufacturing of parts. With this situation you will be only contacting with our company and working time will be reduced because all of the different parts of one product will be done by our firm. Our company works with a variety of sectors as a solution partner because of the experienced staff and extensive knowledge. Grup HS machine and mould company, established in Kisikkoy/Izmir/TURKEY in a 1200 m2 closed area, work through surface grinding, electro erosion, cnc machining, milling machine, lathe, eccentric and hydrolic press, resistant ,TIG,MIG,MAG welding, guillotine shear, plastic injection machine, laser cutting machine and laser marking machine as subcontract manufacturing and supplier company.

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