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Starting in 1988 as Gul Atilim Insaat Dograma San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. we manufacture white and colorful PVC joinery, blinds, shutters from unleaded WINSA profiles which proved itself as environment friendly. Furthermore we also project and mount of aluminium joinery and guardrail, balcony glazing, composite and glass panel, steel door and laminated parquet. The company has CE and ISO 9001 quality certificates. We present our products with these certificates for our people proving of Europe Standards. All the products are quality proved brands and exported ones. PVC WINDOW AND DOOR SYSTEMS PVC WINSA is our environment friendly and unleaded mark that we use to manufacture our pvc products. Series, we use, are; 60 mm thickness Carina, 70 mm Dorado, 76 mm Dorado Gold, fix and sliding Vela. Also we use steel support sheet with white ones 1,5 mm thickness, colour ones 2 mm thickness which differentiate us from another marks. By courtesy of our steel support sheet, we manufacture safety and solid doors and windows. Cremona bolts and lock systems we use are German AUBI, handle systems are Swiss HOPPE. All our products are manufactured with state of the art full automatic CNC machines. Insulating glasses we use are provided from SISECAM as unit by unit and operated to become insulating glasses in our factory. BALCONY GLAZING SYSTEM ALBERT GENAU is a high quality mark that we use. Albert Genau produce to provide all season using balconies. Gul Atilim prepare projects according to all shape balconies and montage them. The balcony glazing system has strong equipments. With water discharge profile, risk of leak water is minimized. Stainless steel roller bearing system give durability. The system has chance about lock-on opening and closing mechanism. Great insulation, connection across the board, big colour and texture scale make the system indispensable. Gul Atilim represents Albert Genau Balcony Glazing System to clients with experienced teams. ALUMINIUM DOOR AND WINDOW ASAS and CUHADAROGLU ALUMINIUM are the best two aluminium companies of TURKEY. Because of this they have places in Gul Atilim Ltd. A.S. Our company prepares unerring and problem free aluminum door, window and shop windows with our predominant computer program.

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Gülpetek San. Sit. Migros Yanı 3301 Sokak No:6 - Isparta, Turkey