As Gunaydin Grup we manufacture and supply juices, fruit juices, fruit nectars, squashes, peach juices, sour cherry juices, apricot juices, mixed fruit juices, orange juices, peach nectars, sour cherry nectars, mixed fruit nectars, orange nectars, apricot nectars, juice, fruit juice, fruit nectar, squash, peach juice, sour cherry juice, apricot juice, mixed fruit juice, orange juice, peach nectar, sour cherry nectar, mixed fruit nectar, orange nectar, apricot nectar, lemonades, peach flavor juices, sour cherry flavor juices, orange flavor juices, apricot flavor juices, lemonade, peach flavor juice, sour cherry flavor juice, orange flavor juice, apricot flavor juice... Our company established in 1979 by Subat Gunaydin and started sales and marketing at food sector in the same year. With the growing of our company our field of activities expanded. The company continued to open branches in East and Southeastern Anatolia centered in Batman. Between 1980 - 1999 our company opened branches in Diyarbakir, Van, Igdir, Cizre, Siirt, Tatvan and Mardin and acquire a good carrier in the region with 32 vehicles to increase customer satisfaction. Expanding its product range with Veral Zeytin, Pan Su, Erzincan Soda Epesus Soda, Yuva Maya and our own production Seher Sugar and Seher Tea in East and Southeastern Anatolia. We assumed the leadership of UNILEVER in 1993, HAYAT KIMYA in 1996 in the region. Apart from that between 1996 - 2002 we got the primeness of Dimes Juice and Milk in Turkey. With the effect of GAP in the region between 2008 - 2009 we started to produce juice and showed our difference and readyness than other companies in the region. In the last quarter of 2010 we started to produce our own brand juice in our facility started in 2008. We have two different products meygun peach and meygun sour cherry under the brand of Meygun. We are glad to solve unemployment problem in the region somewhat with the opening of our facility. The first and only facility in the region our facility targets to produce fruit nectar in the future to spread not only to the region we are in but other regions too. Furthermore we care our works to be a national brand apart from being a regional brand.

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