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As Hakan Celik Lazer Kesim we give laser cutting services, steel cutting services, plasma cutting services, wrought irons, wrought iron products, wrought iron cnc design services, laser cutting service, steel cutting service, plasma cutting service, wrought iron, wrought iron product, wrought iron cnc design service, sheet cutting services, chrome cutting services, aluminum cutting services, sheet plasma cutting services, chrome plasma cutting services, aluminum plasma cutting services, sheet laser cutting services, chrome laser cutting services, galvanize laser cutting services, aluminum laser cutting services, high speed steel cutting services, plastic mould steel cutting services, cold work tool steel cutting services, hot work tool steel cutting services, sheet cutting service, chrome cutting service, aluminum cutting service, sheet plasma cutting service, chrome plasma cutting service, aluminum plasma cutting service, sheet laser cutting service, chrome laser cutting service, galvanize laser cutting service, aluminum laser cutting service, high speed steel cutting service, plastic mould steel cutting service, cold work tool steel cutting service, hot work tool steel cutting service... Hakan Celik Lazer Kesim feels excited to share the information and the experience over 10 years. Since the foundation our company has specialists on Laser cutting, plasma cutting, steel cutting, wrought iron cnc design and production. Although being a middle scaled our company is well known in the sector with the quality and determination to succeed on Laser cutting, Plasma cutting, Steel cutting and wrought iron sector. Working on principle of success and continuity on production, honesty and quality at service Hakan Celik Lazer Kesim thanks you for your support and close interest. We will continue to our services in the future...

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