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As HANIMAGA MEDICAL, which departed from Samsun in 2001 on a beautiful and exciting path, we love our work and we are aware that we serve in an important field. We want a future where healthy, happy and beautiful days encompasses the whole world, and we know the path to that is through sacrifice. From our employees to the R & D department, we act in a family harmony with our entire team so that we constantly improve our quality and serve the world. As HANIMAGA MEDICAL, which started with the principle of “honest trade “ and continued its path by getting stronger without compromising the quality, we established 6 factories in Samsun, 8 in Sinop and 4 in Corum provinces and districts and contributed to solving the problem of employment in these regions. We became a large family of 1750 people. We have worked day and night for everyone in our country, the world and the health sector.

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