year 8 YEAR

Hasan Kulu Orman Urunleri (Hasan Kulu Forest Products) that could come until today by developing and growing with the new experiences being added to the business life since 1945, is a pioneer company which secures its leader position with the understanding of “good quality product, satisfaction of customer” with each passing day. Hasan Kulu that made investment in 70.000 m² of new production area in total with 20 000 m² closed area in 2017 and reached its production capacity to 70 000 m³/year. Hasan Kulu that also enlarged its administrative and production staff together with this great investment continues to provide service with 200 employees in total. The company that adopts the principle of continuous development in order to be able to provide quality responds to the requirements of its customers also makes investments in machine park. Hasan Kulu who finely processes the forest products, which are the absolute must for the building sector, through the latest technology machines and professional team and who makes them suitable for the area of usage, carried its outstanding success to the world, and undertook a mission to represent our country in the best way.

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