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A Half-century success journey which began with the motive of real stability, acting with the belief that individual successes are to be transformed in organizational success, believing in use of information and technology on a global level, rising on a foundation where stable progress is made on the basis of principle of cooperation and confidence. 45 years of success spreading across the world from Konya full of determination, belief and patience. The pride of our COUNTRY in its own sector; SURUM TARIM MAKINALARI Our firm which stepped into commercial life in 1967 and which is now among the leading institutions of Turkey holds a colourful, innovative and powerful position in its sector. Surum Tarim Makinalari which has recently made remarkable progress in the matter of institutionalization introduces its half-century experience in international arena with the exports it made into Europe and Middle East along with the domestic markets. Our firm which adopts principles of constant development, unchanging quality approach and customer satisfaction has always aimed the better since its establishment. The brand “SURUM” has given a new impulse to and a novel understanding in the sector with its quality and variety of products in manufacture of rotary drum mower, rotary disc mower, rakes for collecting grass and rotovator Our firm which carries on its manufacturing activities with the highest technology of our day performs manufacturing processes with CNC-controlled bench, and each product is examined down to the last detail with durability tests, and afterwards they are delivered to the customers. Our firm offers a complete animal feed harvest chain which perfectly connects the processes of mowing, arranging and gathering alfalfa, vetch and fattening feed.

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