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HATEKS is a major manufacturing company engaged in the export of textile products produced in its fully integrated factory, which was established in 1973 and is situated in Antakya(Antioch), Hatay, Turkey. The main exported articles are TOWELS, BATHROBES, BATHMATS, COTTON & BLENDED YARNS, and DYED, GAZED and MERCERIZED YARNS. All of the phases of the production from the purchasing of the best cotton fibre to the 'end product' and packaging are processed under one roof. Integration is our key to the quality in our products and services. The cotton fibre is spun in our own spinning mill and the whole process of weaving, dyeing, finishing and making-up (confection) is done on the same premises. The same yarn has also been exported, and our long-term clients, who include customers from both domestic as well as the foreign weaving industries, are testament to the high quality of our products. Our fully integrated chain of production uses modern machinery (on average no more than 3 years old) with the latest technologies, which are being constantly improved both in capacity and in quality through new investments. Ongoing quality control of the terry fabric through tests and controls from the making-up (confection) to the packaging of towels and bathrobes, ensures improved quality and customer satisfaction. Our tools of production and order processing are flexible enough to adapt all kinds of customers’ demands -be it from department stores, big retailers, wholesalers or fine linen brands from European or North American countries. With 30 years of experience, serving both domestic and foreign textile industries, our main goal in the Export Market, with our highly skilled staff, totally integrated philosophy, is to be renowned as a quality supplier.

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