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Hesfibel was established in Kayseri, Turkey in 1990 with the goal of producing fiber optic cable. This investment was undertaken upon the urging and with the support of the then-president of Turkey, entirely with Turkish capital. The capitalization was completed very quickly and production commenced, thus leading Hesfibel, almost immediately, to a market leadership position in the production of fiber optic cables. Since its founding, Hesfibel has continued its growth trend and has produced many technological innovations. This growth is due to its operational policy based on prudent investments, and the importance it gives to R & D. Hesfibel is sound and secure because it is based on the highest technology systems. Hesfibel enjoys an ever increasing market share with a growing base and works to develop lasting relationship with new customers. Hesfibel′s fiber optic cables have been installed in projects around the world and we will continue to strive to be involved in high value projects everywhere. Our investments in leading-edge technology, combined with the superior performance of our products, will enable us to keep increasing our share in world markets.

In 1991 Hesfibel delivered its first order of fiber optic cables to Turkish Telecom and the company soon gained many other customers as well, rising quickly to a leadership position in Turkey′s fiber optic cable market. Entering foreign markets was one of Hesfibel′s primary targets from its founding. In 1993 Hesfibel participated in the Telecom Malaysia contractual bid inconjunction with the Marconi Italy. Upon winning the sixty million USD contract, Hesfibel took its first step into world markets. This constituted an important stride for Hesfibel, with increasing production capacities and in its recognition on world market. As we also provided engineering support services to the Malaysian contract, this became our first foreign-based endeavor. Since then Hesfibel has completed large-scale projects, both at home and abroad. Some of its major projects abroad are as follows:

In 1999, we started exporting fiber and fiber optic cables to the USA, the home of fiber.

We participated in TAE (Trans-Asia-Europe) 20.000 km fiber optic link. Hesfibel’s part was substantial with almost 20% of the total project.

We provided Telemar, Brazil’s largest telecommunications company its copper wire requirements and have also delivered them more than 3000 kilometers of fiber optic cable.

Hesfibel is one of the major supplier of fiber optic cables to Near and Middle East market and North Africa.

In 1998, we began production, laying and maintaining submarine cables and submarine joint boxes.

From its 90.000 square meters plant, Hesfibel the region’s unrivalled leader, provides its domestic and foreign market customers with full range of services, including fiber optic cable route survey, design, installation, commissioning services and underwater cable operations with cable laying, jointing and testing. Hesfibel can also supply turn-key cable and fiber production plants and technology.

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