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Our company was established as the result of the training program, which was a product of the cooperation with Chamber of Trade and Industry of Corlu and KOSGEB, and which was provided for those people, who had passed the examination and interview. Over the years, we have expanded our scope of operations to include distribution of our own line of products under the KnittedTalent label and manufacturing custom designs. Our primary goal, however, still remains the same- to make fantastic products at great prices, domestically. KnittedTalent strives to keep the manufacturing in the Turkey, while staying competitive. Our garments are made in the Turkey. Much of our production is achieved at KnittedTalent Manufacturing, our production facility in Istanbul. KnittedTalent’ employees are provided with a healthy work environment. Employees are provided with benefits such as retirement plans, paid vacations, and health and dental coverages. We feel that our satisfied employees help us deliver a quality and competitive product to our customers. As a response for the need to better our earth, we are proud to introduce our new eco-friendly line. Make a difference for your future with what you wear today. Less pesticides, minimal water consumption, resilient bamboo plants, replace man-made fertilizers; these all come down to one factor, a healthier planet. You can help make a difference, too.

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