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Virout Brand, which has been operating in the field of work wear for ten years in the textile manufacturing sector, was established to supply the mask, overalls products that emerged after the Covid-19 pandemic. Virout Mask, which adopts the principle of being corporate, innovative and reliable, offers you masks, overalls, aprons and buff products from the manufacturer to the consumers in the light of the experience of its deep-rooted history in textile. As Virout Mask, we are manufacturing with the most up-to-date production techniques and quality fabrics in order to achieve customer satisfaction, since we are the manufacturer of our work above all else. In this context, we continue to work with the same principle in these days, when the need for masks, overalls, surgical gowns is evident and interest in these production areas has increased. While we offer quality products at affordable prices with our textile manufacturing experiences we have acquired over the last 30 years under the roof of Virout Brand, we always prioritize our innovative approaches in the Virout brand. In this context, we bring you innovative and distinctive designs not only for personal protective equipment, but also for mask and buff product groups.

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